So your working hard on your business? And really getting nowhere or if you are…Your not sure the true steps to SUCCESS;) You might need to take so time for yourself and focus on these steps in order to Succeed…because if your not in tune with yourself…others will know…10-rules-for-success

  1. Understand The Next Right Move- Sometimes not only your life in general, but your business as well…you get to the point where your doing so much and not getting anywhere. You have to sit quietly and decide what is your next move…You know where you’ve been, now focus on where you want to be;)
  2. Seize Your Opportunity- There is no such thing, as luck! You have to prepare what you want your outcome to be. Look at the opportunity you have for others, would you want others to follow you? You have to want to opt in to your opportunity,  yourself!
  3. Everyone Makes Mistakes- Big and small…but for us to learn by them, is entirely up to you…Don’t beat yourself up, learn, make a plan and move forward!
  4. Work On Yourself-As I think about the meaning of life, I realize there is nothing more meaningful than to pursue a life of development and betterment. It is through improving ourselves that we get the most out of life.
  5. Run The Race As Hard As You Can- Step up,  don’t worry about the other guy! You can’t control them. When your paying attention to see where others are in life, their business etc…It takes ENERGY away from you! Stay focused on what you need to accomplish. It’s NOT about the other guy, its about what can you do, to get to where you want to be;)
  7. The Core- We are all seeking the same thing…The Core! We really are all the same! We want to fulfill the highest expression of being ourselves. Their is no difference between us, if you are your truest SELF;)
  8. Find Your Purpose- What are you suppose to be doing? How do you want others to see you? You have to feel it in your heart…and move forward, make a plan;)
  9. Stay Grounded-Know where you come from, Be grounded in yourself!


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